I love it when old leads come out of the woodwork.

Earlier this year, a Calgary-based businesswoman I have known for about twenty-five years engaged me for a new website. Yeah! Actually, it was her first website! I’ve known Dixie since the early 1990s, when she was selling ACCPAC solutions, and I was her ACCPAC Account Manager. However, before this spring, she’d never asked me to do any work for her. She’s a pioneer-spirited Albertan who generally gets the job done herself! Which makes it all the sweeter that when she needed it, she came to me.

Dixie is an accounting software consultant who needed to offer her clients easy access to online technical support. Dixie lives in a remote area (check out the amazing view from her home office!), and she was spending a lot of time driving to client sites to address technical support issues that could be dealt with more efficiently over the internet. This need to go “remote” (with encouragement from another Calgary-based client of mine, Carol at CW Consulting — thanks Carol, you’re the best!) was the “final straw” that had Dixie at Accu-Comp Services pick up the phone and call me. I’m so glad she did! Dixie was a pleasure to work with, and I think we are both very pleased with the results.

Dixie’s website is a clean, professional custom WordPress site that incorporates her new brand. It focuses on Dixie’s unique skill set and the three products she works with. Clean and simple. And if her clients need technical support, they know all they need to do is click on the LogMeIn Rescue button in either the top or bottom right hand corners, and Dixie is ready and waiting.

I look forward to working with Dixie on the rest of her marketing upgrade. Next up… trade show displays!

Accu-Comp Screen Shot

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