An Introduction

Annemarie NordmanMy name is Annemarie Nordman and I help small and medium sized consulting and service companies achieve their business goals using digital marketing strategies. My clients enjoy working with me because I’m an independent worker who takes a project and runs with it. For many clients I offer a turnkey solution — I manage all aspects of their marketing, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best. I believe the main reason my clients are loyal to me is because I do what I say I’m going to do; I promise quality, consistency, creativity and reliability.

Working With Me

Building long-term relationships with my clients is important to me. I’ve worked with small and medium-sized consulting and service businesses around the world, from rainy Vancouver to sunny Barbados, and the majority of my clients come from word of mouth referrals. I take great pride and joy in my work, so if my name is attached to it then you can expect the same.

I work best with clients who believe in specialization. You are a specialist in your chosen field, as I am in mine. If you are looking to partner with a marketer whose expertise you can trust, we should talk.

This is what you can expect if we work on a project together…


Step One: Discovery

The initial step in any web design project is the discovery phase. Like a compass, it helps set the direction your project will take. Before we can design your website, we need to understand its purpose. What business problem is your website going to solve? For example, do you need more clients? Do you need your existing clients to buy more services from you? Are you looking to create time-saving efficiencies? Do you want to help your clients define their needs faster, thereby speeding up your sales cycle? We can’t develop an effective website and digital marketing strategy without a solid understanding of the problem or goal. And we can’t get down to the details of budgets, timelines and scope until we go through this part of the process together.

Step Two: Conceptualize

To me, a website is like a jigsaw puzzle, and I love jigsaw puzzles!

You have a finished picture in mind, but you have to start by visualizing the end goal (the picture on the box). With this goal in mind, you look at the various elements you have to work with (flip over all the pieces, sort them), you start by building a framework (the edges), and only then can you start to put the pieces in place.

A website is exactly the same. Define its goal, look at all the elements that need to be included in the website to achieve the goal, establish a skeletal frame for the site, and get ready to add the content.

Step Three: Design

Now the meaty fun starts. Visual design elements are crafted, colours and typography are selected, and content is purposefully placed to ensure your unique message is successfully communicated. This phase also involves coding, optimizing for speed, optimizing for search engines, linking to social media, revising and testing. Great website design isn’t just about making things look good – it takes an equal measure of aesthetics and function.

Step Four: Delivery, Maintenance and Promotion

After your new website has been launched and everything is up and running smoothly, it will likely require further management and on-going monitoring and tweaking. With most clients, the relationship continues. Firstly, I help maintain your site. As well, at this point other digital marketing services may kick in, depending on the scope of your project. Here are some examples of post-launch digital marketing services I provide:

  • Email Campaigns
  • Content Management and Blogging
  • Search Engine optimization
  • Pay Per Click advertising
  • Social Media Management

If this sounds like the kind of project partner you are looking for, we should talk.

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