Lead Magnets: Why You Should Give Away Your Very Best Work For Free To Be Successful


In prior posts I talked about providing useful content on your website, to help you engage with your prospects while proving your authority in your field. We discussed why this is an especially valuable tool for consultants. Today we are talking about why you want to give it away for free. That’s right, you are going to give away your very best stuff for free, as a Lead Magnet. 

Put Up A Lead Magnet

This may seem counter-intuitive, but to generate high quality leads using your website, you need to start building your email list NOW, and the very best way to do that is with something we call a “Lead Magnet”.

A Lead Magnet is a highly visible box on your website that offers a free incentive for joining your email list. Sometimes Lead Magnets are called “sign up incentives”, “ethical bribes”, “freemiums”, “content upgrades”, and others. A Lead Magnet for a consultant might be a report in PDF format, an Excel template, a series of instructional emails, an ebook, or even a free half hour of consulting. Here are a few specific examples of Lead Magnets a consultant might use:

Five Day Email Course:Five management reports guaranteed to dramatically speed up your company’s cash flow

Free eGuide: Twelve key metrics for choosing the best ERP consultant for your industry

Free eBook: Is outdated technology holding you back? Five profitable reasons to replace your aging business management systems

lead magnet exampleHere’s an example of my client Caron Business Solutions using a lead magnet.

Three things that make a Lead Magnet work:

  1. It Must Provide Massive Value

The best lead magnets deliver huge value. Ask yourself this: “What can I show, teach or give to my potential subscribers that will give them unbelievable value? How can I solve a huge problem they have? What’s a tidbit of information so good they will happily hand over their email address to get it?” That’s a winning lead magnet.

  1. Your Lead Magnet Needs A Very Specific Headline

Make sure your Lead Magnet’s headline is very explicit. Use numbers, identify specific goals, pinpoint concrete results.

  1. The Give Away Must Come In A Format They Want

Video? Excel File? PDF? Kindle book? Think about your audience and how they prefer to consume content, and then format your offering in that way.

Why do you need to build an email list?

When a prospect opts into your email list (via your Lead Magnet), they have given you permission to market to them. At the same time, it moves the conversation about your business to a more personal environment. It starts a conversation that didn’t exist before, and sets up a relationship you can control. With just a lead magnet, a sign up form, and some creativity on your end, you’ll find yourself building a targeted, valuable list of people who have strong interest in the products and services you have to offer.

If this sounds “pushy” or underhanded to you in any way, please know that it’s not. People aren’t stupid. They know you are selling something. As long as you give them value through your outreach, they really don’t mind. They key is always give them value, both through your Lead Magnet, and in your subsequent email conversations with them.

If this concept resonates with you, but you don’t know how to take the first steps, email me and let me know how I can be helpful. Or call me at 604-739-9476.

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