Perception Is Reality: Why You Need A Professional Website Design


This blog post is short and sweet. You need a professional website design.

In the crowded marketing sphere that is the World Wide Web, you have only one chance to make a first impression. If your website is not current, polished and professional, your website is stopping you from selling. Your customers perceive you as outdated and out of touch. Would you hire a consultant who was outdated and out of touch? Their perception is your reality.

While this list is not complete, any of these website elements indicates that your site is outdated and is preventing your consulting business from growing:

  • It doesn’t work on a mobile phone
  • It contains Flash elements
  • It contains outdated and/or grainy images
  • It has outdated manufacturer’s logos on it
  • It has a blog and/or events calendar that hasn’t been updated since 2013
  • It just looks “old” (websites are like fashion trends… you can tell when they’ve been around for a decade)

If you are a small or medium-sized consulting company, and you are ready to turn your website into a lead generating tool for your business, email me, or call me at 604-739-9476. I can help.

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