Websites that will grow your accounting software business.

Your website should attract your ideal clients — clients who value your unique expertise and are prepared to pay you generously for it.

As an accounting software consultant, you have a unique and valuable skill set. Your best clients know this and are grateful for what you do for them. Your website should position you as an expert in your field, so that it brings you frictionless referrals and prequalified leads. These are “the good leads” — the businesses who are seeking exactly what you are offering, whose needs perfectly match your strengths, and who will pay handsomely you for your services.

CW Consulting website by Rainmaker Marketing
SR Soft Website by Rainmaker Marketing

I have long history in the marketing of accounting technology consulting, having worked for over twenty-five years with consultants who install products like Sage ERP and Adagio Accounting. I already understand your business, and how you can use websites and digital marketing strategies to grow your consultancy. We can hit the ground running.

What Some Clients Have To Say

"Every time I check our website I notice more and more details that you touched on. Aesthetics are perfect and it's easy to navigate. I'm super happy with the difference you made. " Julian Li-Brubacher, Turf Team Landscaping

"I’m delighted how Annemarie replaced our older, static website with a much more effective and modern version. She guided me through the process and made it easy. She understood not only the desired features, but also the tone that was appropriate for our style of doing business. As she built the site, I was impressed by how quickly she was able to provide quality content without a large time commitment on my part. It helps tremendously that she understands the software consulting business. The end result is an engaging, evolving website that represents us well, and that I’m proud to have my name on." Bruce Gardner Arx Business

"Rainmaker handles all our digital marketing. Most of our marketing is done online, and Annemarie gets us the results we need. Our search results on Google outrank our competition, and our website continually generates leads for us, to help keep our installers busy working year round.” Ron Wizinsky University Sprinklers

"Wow! Our new website is fantastic. Everyone is super happy with what you have produced for us. Thank you. This will most certainly increase room revenue for our hotel. You have nailed it. This is tremendously exciting for us and I guarantee the hotel owners are going to love this new site, too." Tom Knight Alexander Mackenzie Hotel

"Annemarie has been a true professional and a very valuable member of our team. She’s fast, responsive, and her designs are excellent. Every request we’ve had she’s been able to implement, from integrations to animations and more." Rob Ripp Fintelligent

"Annemarie did a superb job of building a solid website foundation for our mutual client. Her experience and clean coding shows through. Their site is sure to reap all of the benefits of natural on-site search engine optimization." Frank Siano eBridge Marketing

"My website has been running flawlessly. Very professional! I can’t believe I waited this long to get it redone." Bob Wisener, Dakota Software

"Annemarie doesn’t just design a great website, she designs it with purpose. We had a lead sign up for an ebook download on Day 1 of going live. Talk about instant gratification! Annemarie is a consummate professional who delivers as promised." Paul Caron Caron Business Solutions

"For those of us who run a successful business but are aesthetically and technologically challenged, Annemarie comes to the rescue. My new website is beautiful and was immediately noticed and complimented by my clients. That makes me wonder what kind of impression my old one was giving! Annemarie is easy to work with and the whole process was painless. " Steven Schwartz, CPA Steven D. Schwartz & Associates

"Annemarie made the whole web design process, from design to implementation, very easy and clear. We had stated objectives, and she made them happen. Within a week of going live we were already reaping the benefits of the improved look, feel, and functionality of our website." Peter Barnaby Abenaki Associates

"Rainmaker was my top choice. I have worked with Annemarie in the past and knew that her expertise would deliver what I needed. My new logo fits me perfectly. I just love it. I also have a new website and my clients are telling me how professional it looks. I would highly recommend Annemarie for all of your marketing needs." Carol Wojick CW Consulting

"Quality graphic design delivered on-time and within budget." Andrew Bates Softrak Systems

Let's Grow Your Accounting Software Consulting Business


Tools We Can Use To Market Your Accounting Software Consulting Business Online

Custom B2B Website Design

The foundation of your digital marketing plan, your website needs to be polished, professional, easy to navigate, and clearly reflective of your unique expertise. It also needs to look as great on a mobile phone or a tablet as it does on a laptop or desktop. This is called a “responsive website”, and every website I design is responsive.


Copy Writing and Content Generation

The content of your website positions you as the expert. As an accounting technology consultant, you have a wealth of knowledge to share. That gives you a strategic advantage. Well written content will help your website convert visitors into qualified leads. Conversely, purposefully written content will also help eliminate “tire-kickers”, businesses who you don’t want clogging up your lead funnel because they are not in your target market. Nobody wants to spend an hour on the phone with someone, only to learn they are a poor fit.

Email Marketing and Drip Campaigns

Email newsletters help position you as an expert in your field and keep you top of mind with clients. Email drip campaigns help you grow a list of email leads that you can nurture, so that they self-qualify, and when they are ready to buy, you are who they think of first and foremost. Email can be a very powerful tool in the digital marketing mix of a business consultant.

Search Engine Optimization

If no one can find your website, chances are they can’t find you either. Carefully executed search engine optimization techniques will help you rank well on search engines like Google, so prospects can find your website before they find your competitors’.

Social Media Tie-Ins

Honing your presence in and linking your website to carefully selected Social Media tools will broaden your exposure online, and further reinforce your expertise. However, not every social media tool is right for every industry, particularly B2B. It will augment an existing marketing strategy, but it will not in itself sell anything. Your investment is better concentrated in only one or two that make sense for your particular business.

Pay Per Click Advertising

A purposely crafted Google AdWords or Facebook campaign can drive traffic to your site and give you a leg up over your competition. Prices vary greatly by industry, however, depending on how narrow your niche market is and how many other businesses are competing for your keywords.

Rainmaker also does Print Marketing


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