My Side Project Spotlight: Divi Theme Resources


Last month I was inspired by a blog posting that talked about Side Projects. I talk a lot on my website, in my Digital Marketing Learning Center, in my email course and in my presentations about the importance of providing valuable content as a means of reinforcing your expertise. This is called Content Marketing. You can read more about that in these prior posts:

divi theme resourcesMy Divi Theme Resources Side Project

In this post, I want to tell you about a side project I launched last week, the Divi Theme Resources website.

Some backstory: Divi is a WordPress theme, and is a tool that I use to develop almost all of my new websites. It is quickly becoming a leader in its field, and as it becomes increasingly popular in the website development world, demand for information and resources on Divi is growing.

Divi Theme Resources is essentially an index of Divi-related podcasts, tutorials, Child Themes and Plugins (WordPress design tools). At this point I don’t have immediate plans to monetize it. As it generates more traffic, I will consider adding tools to do so, like affiliate links and email list collection, but for now it is serving other purposes:

  • showcase my talents as a web designer
  • hone my Search Engine Optimization and Social Media skills in a new market
  • make connections with other Divi developers
  • provide value to others who are in a position to send work my way
  • have some fun!

What’s your next side project? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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