WordPress Maintenance Plans

Think of it as insurance for your WordPress website.

Keeping your WordPress site current is a crucial component of your website maintenance. Non-current WordPress sites are particularly vulnerable to security hacks. And yes, I have clients who have experienced this dark underbelly of the web first-hand.

If you are someone who is new or uncomfortable with the upkeep and maintenance of your WordPress website, or you are simply too busy running your own business to want to keep tabs on these sorts of ongoing tasks, you need a plan. Let Rainmaker Marketing take care of it for you.

Choose from three different plans:

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Prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include GST or HST.

Service Details:

WordPress Core, Theme & Plugin Updates

We will update your core WordPress installation, plugins and themes. We will make sure you’re backed up before updating and address any compatibility issues.

Scheduled Site Backups

Relax, knowing there are regular backups of your site, and it is always replaceable. Backups are downloaded off-site for safe-keeping.

Premium Site Hosting

Get blazing fast and rock-solid secure hosting for your site. WPEngine is our recommended host. They only host WordPress websites, they live and breathe WordPress, they know exactly how to make WordPress run as best it can, and it shows.

Site Migration

Migrating a WordPress website can be tricky. That’s why we include site migration to WPEngine with the Premium and We Mean Business plans. Let us worry about the tricky stuff!

Search Engine Optimization Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your website’s performance.

  • How many visitors do you get?
  • Where are they from?
  • What pages did they visit?
  • How do they get to your site?
  • Were they referred there by another site? Which one?
  • Do they find you on Google?
  • Did they click on a paid ad, or get there for free?
  • Did they view your site on their desktop, a tablet, or on their phone?

Answers to questions like these all provide valuable insights into how you can fine-tune your website and your digital marketing on a continuous basis, to maximize your marketing dollars. Knowledge is power.

Site Edits

With We Mean Business, you get two hours of site edits per month. Your business isn’t static, so your website shouldn’t be either. Post newsletters, update staff profiles, keep pricing current, upload new photos or project details. We can do lots in two hours per month.

Interested in The Works?

This plan is incorporated into a comprehensive digital marketing plan, including features like social media management, email marketing campaigns, ongoing SEO services, keyword optimization and more. Call 604-739-9476 to learn more, or email anordman@rainmaker-online.com.

You’ve made the investment in your WordPress website. Now protect and enhance it with a Maintenance Plan.

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