Rainmaker Digital MarketingWhen a client comes to me for a new website, I try and get great clarity on what their specific goals are for the project. Why do they think they need a new website? What does it need to achieve? What business problem does it need to solve?

So when it became obvious to me that my own site was due for an overhaul, I asked myself the same questions. Why did Rainmaker need a new website? What was the goal that my old site wasn’t achieving? In a word, my old site wasn’t “niching”.

Why Rainmaker Marketing Needed A New Website

Most of my clients already know that I specialize in websites for small and medium sized service businesses, and historically, for accounting/ERP consulting companies. However, in a misguided effort (Adult ADD?) to show every aspect of the work I am able to do, my last website failed to demonstrate my specialty. I lost my niche.

We all have an urge to share work we are proud of, and my old website did that admirably. However, it failed to speak to the specific audience I most want to attract in a direct and purposeful manner.

Now there can be no mistaking that I work almost exclusively with consultants. I’ve made it blindingly obvious. Here’s where:

In the landing page slider:

  • “Lead-generating, goal-driven websites for growing your accounting software consulting business”
  • “Websites that grow your consulting or service business – designed to generate leads and solve business problems”

In the main menu:

  • “Accounting Software Consultants Start Here”
  • “Consulting and Service Businesses Start Here”

In the Call To Action:

  • “I believe in specialization.
    I only work with small and medium-sized consulting and service businesses.
    If you are one of these, we should talk.”

In the Contact Me Page:

  • “I work best with clients who believe in specialization. You are a specialist in your chosen field, as I am in mine. If you are a small to mid-sized consulting or service business looking to partner with a marketer whose expertise you can trust, we should talk about what I can do for you.”

And again, in the About Me description at the bottom of every page, including this one.

I really believe in specialization. As business people, specialization lets us be very clear on who our ideal client is. It drives marketing decisions and ultimately makes the services we offer way more valuable because we are better at what we do.

Does your website make your niche blindingly obvious? Think about it. Maybe it’s time for your website makeover, too!


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