working_logoWelcome to my blog. I’ve just rebranded! I hope you like my new logo. What started as a website redo has morphed into a complete corporate id overhaul for Rainmaker Marketing & Design. Big surprise. Funnily enough, I have always discouraged my clients from changing their logo too often. My mantra has always been “When you start to get tired of your logo, that is when your brand is just starting to have an impact on your market!” However, after 15 years, it was time. My old logo just didn’t feel “reflective” anymore.

I’ve just ordered Luxe business cards from, because I absolutely LOVE their feel. The weight is fantastic, and my quantity needs are relatively small, so digital printing is definitely the way to go. Send me an email with your mailing address if you want me to send you one. I can’t wait to show them off.

As for the rest of this blog, for the moment it will take a bit of a back burner, as I finish updating the rest of my new website, now under WordPress. My intent with the blog is to share a healthy balance of marketing tips, client projects, and even some humour and travel photography. If you want to know when I get back to posting in earnest, subscribe to the blog, and then WordPress will be sure to let you know when I do!

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