It’s fun having a daughter in business school. She now likes to forward me cool marketing campaigns she comes across, and she comes across a lot more these days, now that she’s launched her school’s marketing club. I particularly love this campaign by Vancouver- (and Toronto-) based Rethink Communications. They were asked to come up with an innovative direct mail campaign selling kitty litter. That’s a tall order in a crowded medium where a lot of pieces end up going straight into the recycle bin. So how did they pull it off? Get the cat to fish it out!

Rethink actually soaked the flyers with catnip to get Fluffy’s attention, and it worked like a charm. Watch how these cats responded. Yes, it’s another hilarious internet cat video, but with a stroke of genius behind it!

The icing on the cake is that the video describing the campaign got over 300,000 hits on YouTube. Nicely done, Rethink.

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