Terry O'Reilly

When I’m out walking my dog Max, I like stimulating conversation. Lucky for me, this is often provided by my good friend Susan Matheson, Cultural Intelligence Consultant and Bedside Table Books Blogger. But quite frankly, when it’s just me and Max, I find Max’s conversation to be a little lacklustre. That’s when I tune into a good podcast.

Hands down, my favourite podcaster is Terry O’Reilly. You can find his show, Under The Influence, on CBC radio and with the CBC Radio app, or you can find it on iTunes. Terri podcasts about all sorts of aspects of marketing — pricing, branding, digital marketing, the world’s most successful radio campaigns, marketing disasters, sports marketing — you name it. But it’s not just his topics that intrigue me. It’s his enthusiasm for his subject. He is clearly a passionate marketer, and I admire (and most definitely envy) that he’s turned his passion into a (presumably) well-paying gig, sharing his love on the airwaves. Even if the gig is not all that well-paying, it certainly reinforces his expertise in his field. And THAT’s good marketing!

Under the Influence is actually a spin-off of his original series The Age of Persuasion, which is every bit as good. His podcasts leave me feeling entertained, informed, often nostalgic, and always a little more marketing-savvy.

From the CBC website: Terry O’Reilly was chosen as one of Canada’s “Most Influential” marketing people by Marketing Magazine. When he is not creating advertising, he’s talking about it as host of the award-winning CBC Radio series, The Age of Persuasion, judged Best Radio Program by the New York Radio Festivals two years in a row. The follow-up series, Under The Influence, was voted Best New Podcast by iTunes in 2011. The advertising industry has given Terry a lifetime achievement award, and he is in possession of an Honorary Doctorate of Laws degree from McMaster University.

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